Institute (Shedra)

A Short History of the Karma Leksheyling Institute

In 1990, the Karma Leksheyling Shedra was established at the request of His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. Its purpose is to give the sons of Himalayan Buddhist families an education combined with monastic training, the study of philosophy and logic, and religious history. Classes in computer skills and English are also offered.

The aim of the curriculum and discipline at our Shedra is to train Buddhist monks who are later qualified to teach the Buddha Dharma and can eventually guide their own students and disciples.

In 2002 the Institute moved to its present premises where a Secondary School for classes 1 to 8 was added in 2007. It is a regular school approved by the Nepalese government combined with a full monastic training. By the end of class 8 the young monks decide whether they want to continue their education outside or inside the monastery. If they stay they join the lower Institute for four years followed by 5 years of the higher Institute.

We are in the process of building a co-educational a school for classes 1-8 for boys and girls, because the present location is too small. The rest of the classes will remain here.

The project to educate children began with only thirty students. Since then their number has increased to 260 now. Over the years, more buildings have been added, but there are still not enough. We are in need of additional classrooms, bedrooms and common rooms as well as sufficient kitchen facilities.

Sarwa Mangalam!!!

Photo taken in 2012



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