Karma Lekshey Ling School is an English/Tibetan medium co-educational institution. It was established in the year 2007 AD. The school aims at providing quality Buddhist and formal education to the young monks and nuns who are responsible for the protection and preservation of Buddhist in the future and are in need of it.

The school was established with the object of not only imparting traditional Buddhist knowledge but also formal education of the modern world. The school seeks education for the destitute and unaided children mostly from remote area of Himalaya and low-income families of the area who lack access to quality education for their children.

The Karma Lekshey Ling School (KLLS) is a co-educational institution aimed at providing quality education to poor and needy children.
Ven. Choje Lama Phuntsok Rinpoche established Karma Lekshey Ling School in the year 2001 (but wasn’t approved by govt then) with a vision to educate the children of the Himalayan indigenous Buddhist families.
The School was an elementary and hence the monks had studied for higher Buddhist studies in the same monastery.
Now the school was officially registered to continue with their further formal education and higher Buddhist studies parallel. The school was formally established in the year 2007 with funding from Karma Lekshey Ling educational trust.
Before the School came into existence, it was a Buddhist primary school of its kind and was run under the aegis of Karma Lekshey Ling Shedra (institute). And a monk and a nun had to study for nine years to complete their higher monastic education after primary level. And to complete such a long period of study has been very hard for them and many of them quit their monastic life during this long period. It is happened not because they disgust to Buddhism but they have to face with financial source to lead his/her own life and to care their parents weather at the time of their study or after completing it.
This is why It is really important to provide minimum intermediate level of formal education to the monastic students for their independent spiritual life and colorful future.

The Karma Lekshey Ling School is grateful to Choje lama Phuntsok without whose help the school would not have been what it is now. We are also very indebted to our well-wishers and academicians for the continuous support and look forward to the same in the years to come.

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