The objectives of the school can be listed as follows:
1. To provide timely and quality education for the children of Himalayan indigenous Buddhist family and low income families. 2.To offer Buddhist philosophical teaching to the foreign students who are interested at. 3. To unit all the Buddhist brother and sister from all over the world teaching together them under a roof. 4.To inculcate the spirit of cooperation, self help morality and discipline. 5. To develop multi-dimensional personality of the young Buddhist monks and nuns. 6. To provide practical knowledge and skills to the monks and nuns through the emphasis on vocational subjects that can be of practical use in the course of their future life.

Leadership, intellect and spirit in the service of peace.

To prepare students for college through academic excellence; to enrich their lives with social and as well as Buddhist values; and to develop their courage to nurture peace.
The cultivation of peace in individuals, our community and our world is based on Buddhist values that promote expressions of wisdom and compassion through the practice of:
1. Selfless giving
2. Ethical and moral self-discipline
3. Perseverance and patience
4. Energetic diligence
5. Mindfulness and insightful meditation
6. Wisdom of seeing into the impermanence of all things and the true nature of things as-they-are

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