26. 6th Shamar 1584 - 1629

gar dbang chos kyi dbang phyug

Chökyi Wangchug was born in the Drikung area of Central Tibet. The Ninth Karmapa enthroned him as the Sixth Shamar incarnation. From an early age on, he followed and studied with the Ninth Karmapa and received the full transmission of the Kagyu Lineage from him. He became one the most renowned scholars of Sutra and Tantra during those times and wrote many commentaries.

Chökyi Wangchug was the teacher of Desi Tsangpa, who ruled Central Tibet at that time. He rebuilt the monastery in Gampo Neynang. He also travelled extensively in China and Nepal and taught Buddhism in the original Sanskrit language to the ruler of Nepal, King Laxman Naran Singh, and to other devotees. He travelled to Kham in East Tibet and became the main teacher of the Tenth Karmapa. Before passing away at the age of 45 in the mountains of Helambu, Nepal, he passed on the full Lineage transmissions and teachings to the Tenth Gyalwa Karmapa.

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